plant before frost date

Officially, our last frost date is May 15th.  But the weather channel says we can expect our last frost date this year sometime between March 15th and April 15th.  Unfortunately, will be out of town this weekend.  will have to double down in the garden when I get back!

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3 Responses to plant before frost date

  1. triplejanes says:

    That’s a huge difference in dates. Which planting zone or state do you live in?
    Stopping by from

    • morgaineotm says:

      we are now 8b. when we moved here 14 years ago we were 7b. Just double checked our “official” first and last frost dates and they are Oct 7 to May 19. Our problem is we get so hot in the summer – 100F days – that the garden stops producing. That used to be about 7 weeks and has become more like 11. So we have to get things in and going before the heat and be ready to pick up as soon as it begins to cool off. Last year, it stayed hot so long that cool off didn’t come until September and the days weren’t long enough for much of anything to happen. Things just went right to seed.

      • triplejanes says:

        Wow that is very interesting. I’m in 6b so I kind of have an idea of what you mean. Thanks for sharing all this. I was very curious and was really hoping for a response. Hopefully things grow well for you and you get a bountiful harvest

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