enjoying the green


IMG_1001 (768x1024)Not traditional, but FRESH. Asparagus with the corned beef and potatoes today

IMG_1002 (768x1024)Keeping the garden protected against critters is becoming hard!  They ate 4 of the 6 broccoli plants in the main garden despite it being a fenced in space.  Which is why I’m going more and more to things like this cover.  This is a 4×4 foot one piece unit with zippered panels on either side.  The container its covering is also 4 x 4.  Having it drop over like this takes off 18” in height, but means I don’t have to trim the tree next to it.  Last year it was individual frost covers on and off, and all kinds of jury rigged covers through out the season that could easily blow off.  Yes, they are cheaper, but SOOOO busy, there are times when money is easier to come by than time.  And this acts as an all in one, bird and critter protection for seedlings, support if I should need to add an extra layer, and will offer shade in the heat – and will be support if I need to add another layer for that too!  Will also help keep evaporation down.

Happy St. Paddy’s day one and all!!

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2 Responses to enjoying the green

  1. carolee says:

    Do you have chain link fence? Hard to see from the photo with these old eyes. Rabbits and squirrels can both go through chain link. I’ve seen them. Putting 30″ tall chicken wire will fix that. 18″ won’t work…rabbits still go over that…I’ ve seen that too, which is why I had to add another row of chicken wire to my potager fence last summer.

    • morgaineotm says:

      I have chicken wire around the entire garden, PLUS 1/4″, PLUS cover, PLUS underground fencing and/or pavers to keep out the digging critters in my in ground beds. A lot of my gardening is in containers, mostly grow bags or other raised beds, and even with 1/2″ fencing PLUS cover they got into one of the grow bags and ate all the broccoli! Hence the big cover the entire garden bed fine mesh unit. just ordered 2 more. Its all out WAR!

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