started reading about this technique before we ever moved to Sedona 20 years ago, but we had no garden and wasn’t up and into grow bags and container gardening in our first house.  That was all about establishing our business – and well all that has changed and we’re in a different house with different goals, and mind set.

As the ideas of water conservation and permaculture came into being,  Ollas started becoming “mainstream”, but are expensive and there wasn’t really a lot of detailed information. 

Today I found these at our local ProBuild – hardware store extrordinaire

IMG_1005 (1280x960)Three sizes.  Well packed.  smallest is $18.99, holds 1litre water, 5” x 7”.  medium is 3 litres,  7” x 10”  $23.99.  large is 6.5 litres, is 10” x 13” $34.99 – and they are NOT cheaper on Amazon, or the company’s web site

IMG_1006 (1280x960) First time I’ve seen a reference for what size works for what size.  will presume this means once plants are established and have started getting decent root systems.  Until then, will probably have to water as usual.  This also gives me a reference if I buy other containers from other people, including talking the potter down the way into making them.

IMG_1007 (1280x960)this is an on line garden journal – keeping the info for future reference.  Pretty much anything but root veggies are good.  and since they get taken out for winter, they can be moved as I rotate my plants

IMG_1008 (1280x960)out of the packaging

IMG_1009 (1280x960)small in this 2’ diameter grow bag. This will be green beans to start with this year

IMG_1010 (1280x960)medium in this 3’ diameter grow bag, which will be peppers and eggplant

IMG_1011 (1280x960)large in this 4’ square raised bed which will be squash to start with.  Yes, that’s the 4’ net shelter to help shade, protect until they get going

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