cool again

rainy once more (YEAH!), and suddenly cool after a couple of weeks in the 80’s.  Tonight will be down near freezing.

Rhubarb doing wonderfully, harvested some today.  See one of the plants will need dividing and as it is already too late this year, am putting out word as others might want it in the ground and then it can get HUGE so they need to make a space.

The apricot has set some fruit after manually fertilizing it.  Still see nothing on the nectarine, and had done the same.  If it doesn’t set fruit will pull the tree and put something else there.  am thinking another berry – keep it well trimmed.  Or maybe some grapes


Got some carrot seed tape and just planted a short row.  Early by some standards, not by others!



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1 Response to cool again

  1. carolee says:

    Every year is a bit different. That’s why after all these years, I never get bored. We work with Mother Nature, and adjust our time/growing schedule to her whims. She keeps us from getting too smug. 🙂

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