Buy American!

Have an All American 915 canner.  This is a made in Wisconsin, all aluminum – milled out of a solid block of aluminum – canner.  No gaskets.  Heavy as hell, takes forever to cool.  and there is no way, no matter how bad it gets, that this canner will explode.  okay, put explosives in it . . . the walls are thick and the lid is clamped down with 6 separate screw down clamps.  Has a pressure gauge as well as a “jiggler” set for 5 – 10 – 15 lbs.

And mine has been leaking steam through the lid.

and it seems the answer, which I still have to check out, is simple!

FIRST – a PHONE CALL from the customer service rep at the Wisconsin Foundry.  Yes, an real live American, from Wisconsin, on the phone, rather than an e-mail.  Tells you how bad things are that such a call totally makes my day!!

So it seems that Vaseline is OUT as a lubricant for these canners and Olive Oil is in.  a couple of reasons for that, and one is that the Vaseline will stick to the surface and harden giving an uneven sealing surface.  A red scotchbrite pad is the recommended cure for that.  Be sure to NOT sand down the sealing surface unevenly – then nothing will help – this is just to clean it up.  Then Olive Oil.  will have to buy a cheap bottle for just this purpose.

Not that I’ve been without a canner, but there is something about that 915 that’s special!

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