DUH moment

Yesterday had a DUH moment; and its not the first time for this one.  But, it gets forgotten as ego overrides common sense.

Regarding my medicinal herb garden: Since I believe in using what grows in your area gives added benefit that buying prepared or even dried herbs grown elsewhere, there are a lot of “healing” herbs that I’ve tried to grow here.  Have bought seeds, have bought plants.  Some take, some don’t.  Don’t know how many years arnica seeds have been planted to never get past the first two leaves – IF they even sprout!

On the other hand, some things have done well – like hyssop, bee balm, yarrow.  Of course grow garlic and things like oregano, rosemary, and thyme.  Some years are better for basil than others.  We have a variety of Oregon Grape that grows in abundance as a wild plant. Comfrey does well in a container – not in the ground.

Think you see where this is going; not what I want to grow, but what grows that is useful!


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2 Responses to DUH moment

  1. carolee says:

    Be joyous over what is readily available and abundant, but keep trying with the plants you desire. I’ve always had good luck with arnica seeds from Richter’s in Canada (I think they ship anywhere.) Can’t imagine comfrey not being happy in the ground…it has grown anywhere I’ve lived except in Texas when I could not keep enough water for it to be happy. But, it spreads so easily that maybe keeping it controlled in a pot is good, too.

    • morgaineotm says:

      being in Arizona, probably the same problem for the comfrey as you had in Texas – even though last summer – and through the winter – were wetter than usual. Still probably not enough! And also why the Arnica doesn’t happen.

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