canner good, tattler no so much

The advice that was given to fix my steaming canner worked.

An All American canner, 3M red pad, lightly clean the mating surfaces to get rid of all remaining hardened Vaseline, a good dose of Olive Oil as lubricant and canner worked PERFECTLY!

As had been suggested, canned some quarts of water.  This so the canner was actually having to work to heat stuff up and hold pressure. and if this wasn’t the problem, wouldn’t lose any food.   Since I’d already been thinking of canning water, set up 7 quart jars.  4 had the last of the Tattler lids, 3 reused regular two piece lids.  The regular lids had previously been on water canned fruit, so they weren’t bent out of shape.  Just a little dimple from the can opener that definitely had not pierced the metal.

and TWO – that’s 50% of the tattler lids failed to seal.

Since we’re talking water here, no biggy.  Which was part of the point of using water.

Very disappointed in the Tattler lids.  Know some people swear by them and have no problems, but my results do not match theirs.

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