sous vide advantage

Since being introduced to Sous Vide cooking, have found it useful for pretty much every day cooking.  Working from home doesn’t always mean the noon day meal is easily done, especially as it is our BIG meal of the day and we have been BUSY.

Thankful for the busy.

Thankful for the Sous Vide.

Can put the meat part on as early as 8am for the noon meal, earlier if its a thick cut.  Then quick sides, brown the meat for a few minutes and dinner is done.

Like a lot of you, also have a vacuum sealer and freezer for buying in bulk or on sale.

With the Sous Vide, I sent up the meal.  The meat goes into the bag, marinade or other seasoning with it, yes, I use a no chemical paper towel, and vacuum it shut.  Mark it carefully and into the freezer it goes.   Having Chicken today?  Out comes the vacuum bag, into the Sous Vide cooker (in our case its a 6qt stainless stock pot) and on with my business.  Don’t have to defrost it, just put it on for two hours instead of just the one.  Usually, by the time the water has come up to temperature, the meat is defrosted.

If its a tough cut of meat, again, a little longer in the hot water.

The idea of the Sous Vide is you set the temperature to the temperature of how you want your meat cooked.  Medium rare steak is one temperature, well done another.  Like your chicken just cooked, set the temp accordingly.  My husband likes it falling apart done, which is another.  BUT, despite being well done, because its cooked in a sealed bag, it doesn’t dry out!

Wish I’d known about this stuff when I worked outside the home.  Of course, programmable units and blutooth operated units didn’t exist then.  Now you can set this up like a slow cooker so its ready when you get home, just have to make the sides.

And reheating left overs is a snap, no drying out!

My vacuum sealer is getting regular use again, and we’re eating better!


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