tax day

At least for some people.  For me, it was getting one section of the garden cleaned up and organized. 

IMG_1025 (618x1280) First, the tale of the Goal Zero 1000.  This was from Costco of all places and seems to be an unique item from them.  Could not get the solar panel input plug to acknowledge the panel.  As I have a smaller unit and that one immediately acknowledges the panel, had to presume it was something with the input jack.  At indeed it seems to be exactly that.  It takes full sun PLUS a few minutes for the input jack to light up and start working.  Think it must have something to do with some circuitry to protect the Lithium battery from over charge.  That it has to wait until its at full power for it to recognize its an okay power source.  So now that has been solved, it has taken approximately 10 hours for the panel to take the unit from 32% to 100% charge.

IMG_1016 (1280x960)My folding garden cart.  Costco has one for more than half the price I paid for this one with Gardeners Supply.  But theirs is made in China and this one is made in Canada.  The tires on this are FAT so they don’t cut into the soil or into hoses (should one be run over) and the insert is well made with padded panels on the bottom to provide stiffness, plus little pockets to carry tools and stuff.  Hauled two x 2 cu foot bags of soil today through soft sandy uneven terrain and it did okay.  The front wheels though get to be like a bad shopping cart and can end up sideways instead of facing forward, especially as you go around turns.  But it moved that soil, then shifted a big pot of Rhubarb and helped me move a full composter.


IMG_1018 (1280x960)This is one of the pop up shelters I’m trying out this year.  its 4×4 and sitting over a 4×4 pallet with a 3’ diameter grow bag under it.  To its left is a raised planter that has just been planted with some lettuce as it’s a cooler spot as the season heats up.

IMG_1019 (1280x960) Last year, while we were on vacation, our house sitter forgot to water the ginseng and it was all dead by the time we got back.  Surprisingly it has come back.  Maybe its just too hot by June, we’ll see this year as we are not going to take that much time off this year.

IMG_1020 (960x1280)You can sort of make out the cheapy shelf unit under this plastic cover.  It was given to me a few years ago and had gotten an equally cheapy plastic cover for it to create a quasi-shed on the other side of the yard.  This way I’ve got tools there and tools in the other growing area and don’t have to schlep back and forth.  Heavy winds the other day took it all down and ripped up the cover.  Since that unit is no longer available, had to make do with another style cover.  This is heavier, but deeper, and not quite tall enough.  Still, its to keep stuff covered and protected from the elements and from blowing around all over.  Using some poles and the tie rings to attach it to the trees on either side, have my shed once again with more space for a neater area.

IMG_1021 (1280x960)the row, nearest is some Lemon balm in the ground, then a grow bag of arugala (which it turns out we don’t really like), some onion starts that never got planted and an overwintered fig that has just been replanted.  Then a squat container of Rhubarb that has just been moved into that location, next to a large grow bag of rhubarb.  Its starting to flower, so keeping after them so it will go back to making stalks. Then three blueberry pushes, one already producing fruit.  Have just added a bit more soil to all the bags as it has settled last year.  At the very end is a grow bag with an Amaryllis.

IMG_1022 (616x799)To the right is a nectarine that has yet to produce fruit.  Was going to rip it out and decided to give it one more year, being careful to protect it from freeze/frost after it has flowered just in case that is why I’m not setting fruit.  That’s what happened to the apricot, it could be the same here and I’ve just not seen the beginnings of the fruit before it gets frozen.  Next to that is a Doyle Thornless blackberry just planted.  That’s where the composter used to be as well as the squat container of rhubarb.

IMG_1023 (1280x960)more of the pop up covers.  This is an 8foot by 4foot  over one 4×4 container and a 3’ grow bag. Nothing planted inside them yet, and these are also fitted with ollas.  The one of the left will have peppers and eggplants, and those are the supports for them.  Getting ready.

IMG_1024 (1280x960)This 2’ grow bag is waiting.  Am thinking bush beans.  also with an olla.  Behind it the composter.  This is the location had originally though to put it, but it does not get a lot of sun in the winter in this spot.  Still, want growing space, so it gets relegated to the side.

Have been harvesting asparagus.  Tomorrow, move to the other garden area for clean up, watering, and planting of grapes and berries.

Oh yeah, planted tubers of Tumeric and Ginger in pots in the greenhouse today too.

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