garden update

Perfect for Beltane!

almost all the tomatoes in the ground, 6 are standing by in case some of the ones planted don’t make it.  Also got the peppers and eggplant in their respective planters.  Not quite as previously outlined, especially when it was realized that there were some chard seedlings in with the peppers.  The third grow bag back there ended up with two spaghetti squash plants.  Another 3′ grow bag has another 4 spaghetti squash plants.  and 6 zuchinni plants went into the main garden.

havesting a little bit of asparagus and have started harvesting snow pea pods.  Will have today’s harvest with lettuce and chard in a salad.

Right after planting the tomatoes and peppers and eggplant temps dropped to 34F!  next night only to 37, and last night low 40’s again.  The basil died, the squash already planted got hit, and the sprouted beans did also. Some of the larger potato plants had the uppermost leaves die off.   The tomatoes did okay as did the others.

Am getting quite the container grow area going right outside the kitchen door with strawberries, some tomato plants, oregano, thyme, and lavender.  Now have another basil to plant and we’re talking about putting in a large stand up container on the concrete pad on the other side of the door for a winter kitchen salad garden.  This is the west side of the house and gets very hot in the summer, but should be good for lettuce and such in the winter

Looks to be a hot and dry summer this year.


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