Olla Ole!

the Ollas are at work.  They work even if it is raining.  The water is dispersed underground where it is needed the most.  More efficient than a sprinkler, hose watering, even soaker hoses.

The seedlings put into beds with Ollas exhibited ZERO transplant shock.  So far, the heat of the day hasn’t gotten to them; ie, droopy leaves.  Of course, we’ve only been into the 80’s, will see if that continues as we get to the 90’s and 100’s.

Ollas are taking about three days to empty.  Will that increase as the weather gets hotter and the plants are bigger?  my assumption is, yes, it will.  Still, just pouring a gallon or two of water into an Olla every day rather than dragging out the hose has its merits.

Am so enamored of Ollas that just bought 4 small ones last night.  We’re working on an elevated bed for near the kitchen door for a winter greens garden.  This is the west side of the house so there will be protection from the worst of the cold.  drew out the design, and bought the wood last night.  Our grand nephew is going to do the build.  Will use the ollas in that through the winter.  When that bed gets too hot, will move the ollas into another bed for the summer grow season.  Or will just use the elevated bed for tomatoes and squash, and save one of the larger in ground beds for a try at corn.

While I’ve been thinking about this for some time, it was my hubby’s idea.  Either he’s humoring my gardening fetish or he likes the idea of fresh greens through the winter.

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