end May garden update

well, things aren’t going as planned – but do they really ever?  The shade cloths were up early this year and this may have stunted growth.  Lizards are taking more than their share.  Have already had to replace my zucchini seedlings.  have to replace tomato seedlings too, but waiting on that until am sure I’ve sealed the space from lizards!!  Of course, that space was devoted to roma tomatoes and not sure that I’ll find any more, may have to just put some seed in the ground and hope.

friday1 greens being allowed to go to seed for fall planting

friday2 hard to tell that there are actually several tomato plants in this pic

friday3 There were 28 good healthy seedlings in this bed.  There are now about 8.  Hopefully some of the ones that have some stem left will resprout.

friday4 these potato plants are in a large grow bag with 8” of 1/4” screening around the edge and you can see where the lizards have gotten in and eaten the plant anyway.  It could be ground squirrels, but know the lizards can go right up the fabric and screening.

friday5 eggplant and bush beans.  large olla in this 4’ planter

friday6peppers and chard. medium olla in this 3’ planter

friday7spaghetti squash.  There is another larger grow bag with more plants. small olla in this 2’ planter

friday8garlic looking good.  Will probably be ready for harvest in a couple of weeks

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