still knitting

This is the “ironwood” shawl, plus.  Found the pattern in an issue of Interweaves Knit Scene.  It is done in sport weight yarn on big needles (for sport weight).  It was not quick, it did NOT knit up per the pictures, and as I neared the end of the pattern repeats decided to extend it over the shoulders and down the front, rather than counting on the ends of the shawl to do it.  Adding a couple of buttonholes and buttons make this into something more like a poncho if I want to just have something to keep my shoulders warm, while I’m doing stuff. Yarn is Mary Gavan’s Canyon yarn – 52%cotton/48% rayon, color tilled soil. Used 3 skeins, 2 for the back, and split one for the front, size 9 needles for most of it, extended the front a bit by switching to 10.5’s. Has not been blocked.

ironwood2Yes, light enough yarn that it can be tossed around like a scarf

ironwood4“top” button with “bottom” button hole

ironwood5top button in top button hole, bottom button in bottom buttonhole

ironwood7this is the back showing the lacy detail that marks the center

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