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saving seeds

grow bush beans rather than pole beans.  And while I’ve never thought about, am thinking that bush beans are all a hybrid not an heirloom.  and the reason for this thinking? Am a seed saver.  over the years have been saving … Continue reading

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BIG canner

  14 pints of Lentil Soup Having had one of those DUH moments, it occurred to me that while I like things like Lentil and Pea soup, my husband, not so much.  So instead of making QUARTS of soup, why … Continue reading

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hungry critters

Despite a great deal of fencing, covers, barriers, etc. critters are eating me out of pretty much EVERYTHING! Having worked to further seal the mean garden, they got at my container grown tomatoes last night and did a number on … Continue reading

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new planting area

for winter greens 8 feet long, about 2.5 feet deep.  Against the west wall of the house where it is protected by a fence and trees in front and kept warm by the house in back.   The bottom layer is … Continue reading

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update, June 19, 2017

In the midst of a record breaking heat wave, am updating the veggie garden.  This is what I refer to as the MAIN garden because it was the first area we created.  Have been hit very hard this year by … Continue reading

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