update, June 19, 2017

In the midst of a record breaking heat wave, am updating the veggie garden.  This is what I refer to as the MAIN garden because it was the first area we created.  Have been hit very hard this year by hungry creatures, from lizards to ground squirrels to I don’t know what else munching on everything!  And have found out I’m not alone in this

june19a This was supposed to be a blackberry.  eaten to the ground and not coming back

june19braspberry.  It also got eaten to the ground but is coming back and hopefully I’ve protected it enough from hungry mouths

june19cthis was grape.  was coming up nicely before being eaten to the ground. hope it recovers

june19dcenter is california white sage. Second year I’ve tried this, coming along nicely.  To the left in the pic is some comfrey which has been growing in this container for over 5 years now.

june19eThis was a big luscious potato plant, before it was eaten. Yes, there is screening around it, it was eaten anyway.  now have a “top” of screening material over it.

june19fThese are some chard plants.  also eaten.  They were from last year and was trying to let them go to seed but the flower stalks are being eaten as fast as the leaves

june19gthere are actually 5 zuchinni plants in this fenced in enclosure.  2 planted in April, 3 planted in may.  all have been eaten and are sloooowwwwlly coming back, I hope.

june19hIf you look closely you will see two little stems sticking up, this is all that’s left of 6 broccoli plants.

june19i3 zucchini plants here, planted in May.  eaten down to the ground.  Now its soo hot they are not coming back very strongly

june19j These faired the best of the May planted zucchini seedlings.  The April planted ones are dead and gone.

june19kThe new compost area.  With neighbors close at hand and the forest also, do not want open bins attracting more critters than we already have.  The green one on the far end is the oldest, and has had all the panels already replaced once under warranty.  They were rusting out again and we’ve tried some Flex Seal to seal them and hopefully help this barrel last a bit longer.

june19lThese are some very pretty dark purple calla lillies.  Having shaded pretty much the entire back yard they are lasting a long time this year

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One Response to update, June 19, 2017

  1. carolee says:

    Wow! You’ve got a lot of hungry critters in your area!

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