hungry critters

Despite a great deal of fencing, covers, barriers, etc. critters are eating me out of pretty much EVERYTHING!

Having worked to further seal the mean garden, they got at my container grown tomatoes last night and did a number on one of the plants.  They got into another barriered grow bag and pretty much ate all the bean plants that were in there; how I can’t figure out because the barrier was a two foot tall plastic cylinder that would offer no purchase for climbing up and in or up and out.

Two different potato plants in grow bags – one with the plastic barrier and one totally surrounded with 1/4″ screening have been eaten to the ground.

They ate a newly planted blackberry and a newly planted grape – the latter twice!  Not sure if it has enough left to come back a third time.

Despite a new layer of the 1/4″ screening around the main garden they’ve been after the old chard plants that I’ve tried to let go to seed.  also eating the greens from the two turnips still in the ground.

While I don’t mind sharing, expect them to do the same and leave some for us!!

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