BIG canner


IMG_1033 14 pints of Lentil Soup

Having had one of those DUH moments, it occurred to me that while I like things like Lentil and Pea soup, my husband, not so much.  So instead of making QUARTS of soup, why not make pints?  Then he can have what he wants and I can have what I want!

Summer time hot (a balmy 98F for the high when I canned the soup), took advantage of my BIG Presto canner which allowed me to double stack the jars so they were all done in one batch.  A little longer on the heat was still less fuel, time, and heat generated than doing either two canners at the same time, or as two separate batches.

Each jar perfectly sealed.  Did this yesterday, today took off the rings and cleaned them up, then cleaned off the jars and labeled them.

Two jars to a friend who has a teeny apartment with a teeny fridge.  The rest for ME!!!!

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