saving seeds

grow bush beans rather than pole beans.  And while I’ve never thought about, am thinking that bush beans are all a hybrid not an heirloom.  and the reason for this thinking?

Am a seed saver.  over the years have been saving the seeds from my favorite bush bean plants, choosing the ones that grow straight and are tasty.  Have one I prefer over the other.  No longer know what the names of the varieties are; just that the one I favor has  a purple flower and the seed is a darker color than the ones from the plant with the white flower.

This year, decided to squeeze in some early beans in some little spaces in the garden and used the seeds from the beans with the white flowers. And they have all grown into long climbing vines, not even producing flowers after a period of months!

As they are not growing true to the original plants, have to presume they were a hybrid.  and with that thought in mind, am thinking back as to whether or not the seed packet said either.

Gotta pay more attention if I’m going to save seeds!

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One Response to saving seeds

  1. I’m with you on this – I try to be very careful about my seeds, mainly because my aim is for our garden to be a sort of “living ark” of varieties that are still around thanks to seed savers like you. I’m still new to this, so I’ll have to be observant about how the next generation of saved seeds turns out.

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