more BIG canner

Husband and his grand nephew taking a road trip for the next week, and while they’re motelling it through most of the trip, there will be a few days of camping with the guys at a car event.  Nephew asked for a quart of my chicken and rice soup to take for the camping, so packing up a quart each of soup and chili.  Had to make the soup through so went for a BIG batch . . last night husband had a bowl of the chicken soup with some left over wild rice (his favorite).  Canned two quarts of the soup with regular brown rice – one quart for here, the other for the road.  not to have the canner empty, also did 3 quarts of water . . an excellent way to fill the canner as well as making sure there is always some water around.

Today canned 7 pints of the soup, 4 with rice, and then added some tomatoes and more veg to what was left and canned up 4 more with rice and 4 without.  So 15 pints of soup in the BIG presto canner.

While the guys are away, will do some pea soup and some pasta fagolia soup – pasta on the side (gluten free pastas do not do well sitting in liquid for a long time, they dissolve!)

Some of this soup is going into longer term storage, some into the pantry.

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