catching up

In the week that the hubs and nephew were on the road, managed to get a lot of stuff canned and put away; there was pea soup and a regular bean soup – all of which were double stacked in the Presto.

A neighbor, who knows my garden is struggling, dropped off 3 eggplant about 5 zucchini and some crooknecks, some peppers, a pattipan.  WAY too much for me to eat by my lonesome so did a big pot of Ratatoulli, double stacked those pint jars again!!

Monsoon season has finally arrived, and with the threat of a La Nina forming to balance out the 2 year El Nino, any rain is good rain.  getting some accumulation in the rain barrels again.  Went out today to charge up the Olla’s, as they continue to disperse water no matter how heavy the rains.  Was surprised to see some spaghetti squash forming.  Eggplant are struggling against aphids as are the peppers.

One of the outdoor potatoes is coming back now that I’ve got it surrounded, the raspberry got eaten again, have finally gotten the grape protected enough that it is growing.  Zucchini still standing still and I’ve decided not to try to plant more.

blueberry plants are dying off.  Oh well.

moved some still struggling chard, again.

and after about 10 years found I had a Nectarine!!!!

Did put two more plantings of beans in though.

In the greenhouse are still a couple of potato plants and the two different sweet potatoes are finally sprouting as are the turmeric and ginger.  Next round should be photos.

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