crazy times

Am I the only one bothered by those who want to see no limitations to the second amendment while they are calling out for limitations to the first?

And what has happened to the country I grew up in, where for over 200 years we said “I don’t like what you are saying, but will defend to the death your right to say it”?

The rate at which we are seeking to limit our rights and the rights of others, is matched only by the volume and violence that is being used to demand that limitation of rights  – while quoting their constitutional right to carry on so.

The ongoing demand for government to do something: be it fix the environment, change the climate, protect, feed, and care for us, is all step by step a demand for government control.  and government control always equals less individual rights.

And what is wrong with We The People stepping up and taking responsibility of our actions?  Every time we buy a plastic water bottle and throw it “away”, along with the plastic wrap, plastic packaging, boxed mix, premade food selection, restaurant meal, gas mileage to get each of these things, WE are contributing to environment destruction and climate change.\

Our society, both social and economic, is seeing some of the biggest, fastest, changes in history.  What was, that many of us grew up with, is long gone.  We have to think on the best way to cope, not wait for others to tell us what to do.  We have to be aware, pay attention, and look around at the reality of life, not get caught up in TV reality or how the Kardashians live.  Government has no answers, if they did, we wouldn’t be in this mess.  They can only come up with one size fits all answers, and we are not all one size.  If you leave it to government and their solution doesn’t work for you, you are just SOL!  and trying to make it work will put you in violation of some law or another.

Environmental degradation is making “growing organic” almost impossible because crap is literally falling out of the sky. because someone else is controlling what seeds you can buy, what fertilizers, what choices you will have.

Growing and preserving your own is the only way to know what you are eating.  Of course, that is nearly impossible, but buy the most basic forms of food and build up from there yourself.  THAT means changing lifestyles (which most readers of this blog have already done), and that might mean giving up some social function;  being seen at the right place type stuff.

The choices are, we take responsibility and create a reality we want OR we let the government do it for us and take our lumps when we find ourselves limited, restricted, reduced, and barcoded.

Yes, I’m pissed off, and scared.  This is not the world I imagined when I looked to the future just out of school 50 years ago!

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8 Responses to crazy times

  1. You are not the only person bothered by this. Trust me, us youngsters are scared too. We’re, for the most part, staring at the world wondering why we’re suddenly living in 1940’s-60’s America again. Then I remember that we have a whole political party that seems to believe that the 1950’s were an ideal time. And those people don’t have term limits.
    I think part of the problem is that as a country we are too large to have a cohesive solution to problems and we cling to a lot of old ideals and take some statements too far.

    The second amendment was for the establishment of a state militia. The first amendment was to allow the people to speak freely without government repercussions. There are solutions to both problems. For example, HAVING a state militia program where everyone in the US undergoes a mandatory gun training course at a certain age and is required to own a gun, but regulating when, where and how they can be used or stored has been successful in many places in the world. And the first amendment just stops the GOVERNMENT from keeping you from saying things, it is NOT supposed to stop social repercussions for your words and actions. As a society I think we need less nonsensical and damaging claims about how racism and genocide are just “free speech” or “political beliefs” and more people who refuse to allow these people to function in society.
    Frankly, I endorse punching Nazis. They are traitors and have no place in this country.

    And the government has historically actually did step in when things got this bad. In the 30’s the government released propaganda videos reminding us that these people were un-American and that being a Nazi meant you were a poor citizen and why we shouldn’t fall for fascist rhetoric.
    Now a days people are very concerned because the government IS the fascist rhetoric.

    It’s tough times to be sure. But the nation’s been here before. I have faith that we can come out the other side in a better place. But it’s going to be very difficult to get there.

    • morgaineotm says:

      unfortunately, you are right about too many oldsters without term limits. and you are right about the size of the country making one size fits all solutions unsatisfactory. Which takes us back to states rights and responsibilities, which takes us back to personal responsibilities. We The People have given up our rights to the government, preferring them to “do something about it”. Local gave way to Federal.
      You are right about the Militia, you are wrong about what that means. NOT that I disagree about people being trained and responsible gun owners. BUT Militia, back in the day, was not a trained, regulated force, but a call made to the people to turn out in defense with what ever weapons they had. Early in the Revolution, militia members were armed with Pitchforks, as that was what they had. Guns were limited and expensive. That does equate to, again, the trained responsible gun owners. BTW, there are more guns in private hands in this country than the entire military . . . so if gun owners were as dangerous as some would make them out to be, the streets would be running red.
      Freedom of speech is exactly that. and agree once again, it is not government’s responsibility to stop social repercussions. Yet, not only are the condemning those repercussions, but are now seeking to limit that speech. and why is the blame being directed only against the white supremacists? People chanting No Trump, No KKK, No Fucking Way is the speech of peace? And for all the reporting going on, only one single Canadian Journalist has expressed concern about the anti side of things; reporting about their speech, their armament, their actions. Those demonstrators were not all from Charlottesville. They came, just as the white supremacists did, to confront and to fight. So why shouldn’t they take some culpability? Without acknowledging that, it gives fuel to limit and control gatherings and speech against a single group of people. and once that is in place, it is easy to expand it. Civil Forfeiture is an excellent example of limited law netting innocent people without recourse.
      We have been anti Nazi, anti Fascist, but have always allowed them to apply for permits and to demonstrate. This will stop that. this sets a precedent for limiting who can express themselves. We’ve also been anti communist, blacklisting and ruining people’s lives on innuendo. We’ve been anti union, labeling them as communist entities. And as you say we’ve gotten past it. But at what cost? and haven’t we yet learned that there can and should be another way?

      • Nope. Nopenopenope.

        No victim blaming. They are not culpable at all. They’re standing up for themselves. To not do this is suicidal. It’s called tit for tat. They ARE taking responsibility when the government won’t stand up for them. They’re being perfectly reasonable human beings. And they are being killed for it.

        You don’t get to stand up and say “I know murderers are bad… But the victims of murder are also bad for publicly demanding that they don’t get murdered! And I know that the authorities won’t stop them from being murdered… But that doesn’t mean they should try to fight back against being murdered!”. No. There’s no justification for that.

        This isn’t a political stance. Nazism isn’t a political stance. It’s genocide.

        Go stand in a mirror and remind yourself that you’re standing up for Nazis. Go say “I am a Nazi apologist.” ten times or so. Because that’s literally what you’re doing. You’re standing up for their right to incite violence against minorities. Weren’t you just complaining about people “quoting their consitutional right to carry on”? You literally just did that, and you did it for them.

        Also, in America, even 50 years ago, the government DID step in and try to fix things without ever being asked to. Oh sure, people COULD assemble. But the government made damn sure that every one of those people regretted it. That’s why the people in Charlottesville weren’t masked. VA has a law prohibiting masks of any kind BECAUSE of the KKK and similar groups.

        They printed posters, handed out flyers, Anti-nazi propaganda was in our cartoons and our pop culture. The government actively promoted violence against people who expressed Nazi sympathies at every turn. They did this without needing the nation to ask them to. They changed the conversations and entire culture of the whole nation with this.

        There’s NO reason that the government AND individual people shouldn’t grow a spine and stand up to this. No more “Both sides are responsible” BS. There’s only ONE side here that’s been killing people and it’s the Nazis. It’s NOT OK to blame the victims of nazism for nazism.
        How about the Jews shouldn’t have fought back so much? Then Nazis wouldn’t have escalated! What selfish Jews they were. How dare they try to fight back and escape! They just made it worse!

        There’s a reason Nazism is illegal in Germany. And it should be illegal in the USA as well. Nazism isn’t a legitimate political ideology. Genocide does not get to walk on the same stage as democracts or republicans or even independants. Nazism isn’t an opinion. Tea or coffee is an opinion. Nazism is a crime against humanity.

        Absolute rubbish.

      • morgaineotm says:

        you are waving around a very broad brush – not all white supremacists are klansmen, and not all supremacists and not all klansmen are Nazis. Nor do I support Nazis. I support the Constitutional idea that all Americans are endowed with certain inalienable rights. Until Nazism IS made illegal in the U.S., I will continue to support all citizen’s constitutional rights. and that right IS the right to speech and assembly. There is no right to murder.

        and who were the victims at Charlottesville? Not speaking of the people injured by the madman with the car. Were the liberal protestors who showed up specifically to confront the supremacists VICTIMS? People who were wearing bandanas on their faces (both sides – we watched this as live coverage), the black men wielding sticks at the backs of white men walking away were Victims? When Saturday started there were about 60 white supremacists and about 600 people there – armed and prepared – to protest them. As the day wore on, news coverage brought more from both sides to the confrontation. Both sides ready to fight. A Black man creating a blow torch out of an aerosol can at a white man with an American Flag. Who was the victim? The man with words? or the man with a weapon?

        I’m not interested in supporting Nazis. Am also not interested in supporting people of color who will boo a white woman seeking government office, when both are supposed to be of the same party, because she is white. Is not that Racism? People seem to think that Racism is about whites over blacks. Nor am I interesting in supporting a socialist program that is continuing to keep the poor in poverty; maintaining control of them economically and socially. Nor am I interested in a supporting a government that engaged in their own version of genocide against the First People, and continues to deny them rights and dignity.

        Tea and Coffee aren’t an opinion, they ARE a choice. And Nazism is a choice. Just as Pacifism is a Choice. Or Buddhism. Or Christianity. Or Judaism. Or Islam. Joining Isis and being a modern terrorist is also a choice. And in America, all Americans are welcome to make those choices. It isn’t until they step away from speech to harmful action that they become criminals.

        As we used to say in the 60’s, your rights end at my nose.

        By the way, the Jews didn’t fight back, they had no means to do so, as their government had disarmed them. Which is one of the reasons that one of the largest pro gun groups in the country is NOT the NRA, but is a jewish pro gun group (

      • Yes, the liberal protesters who showed up were victims. Literally. They died. The guy who plowed into the crowd was PART of the white nationalist march. And it’s BULL if you think the counter protesters outmanned the protesters. Citation;


        “Mr. McAuliffe rejected that criticism, stating that even though much of the crowd was armed, “not a shot was fired,” and that the car attack could not have been prevented.”

        One group here started by literally waving torches and shouting for people to be killed. The next day those people WERE killed.
        Stop spreading fake news. Stop spreading falsehoods. Stop apologizing for nazis. Stop treating klansmen as victims. When a car plows through a crowd in London driven by an extremist it’s a terrorist attack and the whole city needs to crack down on Muslims. But when literal Nazis and Klansmen do the same we should defend their right for free speech?
        I’ll say it again. You are literally being a nazi apologist. You just proposed that the LITERAL NAZIS are the “real” victims here. That is 100% a Nazi appologist line. They are traitors and terrorists.
        If you want to know why the country is the way it is right now you need to take a good hard look at yourself and how you’re acting in this moment. You just literally proposed that a group of genocidal traitors who killed a woman and injured dozens more are the real victims. That is EXACTLY why those people felt like they could march, unmasked, with torches burning, in public. Because people like you literally stand up for them.
        This is the bad that you have made for yourself. Now it’s time to lay in it and claim responsibility.

        “Is not that Racism?”
        Actually this is correct. Racism is the belief that one group is superior to another based on their race, and is a systemic issue not an individual one.
        This is a very good description of why that distinction matters, actually. The people who are effected by racism (or most isms) are people who do not hold power. Which means that how they are viewed happens without their consent and words that effect their lives are defined without their input.
        POC define racism as the systemic oppression of someone based on their race or ethnicity. So you are correct, it is literally impossible to be racist in the scenario. Sexist, yes, bigoted, yes, but not racist. And since you randomly feel like gas lighting by bringing them up, that’s also how the native Americans define racism. And you DEFINITELY contribute to that by defending white nationalists.

        Clever of you to throw in native Americans, Obama, reverse racism, religion, and socialism to try to get me to argue on those points. But those aren’t relevant. Stop gaslighting.

        What’s relevant here is that regardless of what anyone else does or doesn’t do, white nationalists took to the streets, chanted “blood and soil” with lit torches, they recruited people with anti-semitism and racism, and then they murdered someone. And all you can do is defend literal Nazis. And nothing anyone else does changes the fact that you just did that.

        Shame on you.

        And you wonder why this country is the way it is.

      • morgaineotm says:

        emotionalism is ruling, not law.

        LAW says ALL citizens have the right to assembly and free speech.

        Emotionalism says no.

        Emotionalism says these people are chanting kill, spill blood, hate. So lets do so and beat their heads in.

        Ghandi and King, and for this generation, the Dalai Lama, would have said, turn your backs to their words. Turn your backs to their swords.

        When we deny any citizen their rights, we deny all citizens their rights.

        This is why people hate the lawyers. They must step around the emotional and rule by the law.

        Until the law says otherwise, in this country, the only people denied certain rights are convicted criminals.

        The Constitution of the United States is supposed to be the basis of all law in this country. Do you deny the Constitution? The founding document that is America? the one thing that has set America apart from every other country in the world?

        Is this what has lead us to be what we are today? Or is the emotionalism that has people beating drums, working up anger – on both sides. The drums beat, the hearts race, sitting, ignoring, becomes impossible. Why do you think early soldiers marched to drums. that drums would beat during battles. To stir the blood, the emotions, get up the adrenaline.

        Ghandi and King both knew that turning away from violence was the most difficult of protests to accomplish. It was the most difficult of ways of standing up to hate.

        America, as it is today, has chosen to hate. you to hate me because I stand with the Constitution and the Law and the peaceful protest.

        I do not apologise for any group killing another. But I know that words, protests, anger, and the spilling of blood only make everyone angry, until everyone is joining the melee. I’ve been spat on for being white. I’ve been spat on for being Irish. I’ve been spat on for the English heritage. Am I better than? Were those people better than? I’m a human being who is proud to be an American and proud of how America has beat the odds as a country.

        I’m not always proud of the things our government does in our name, but the people have always stood firm to the foundation of our existence.

        The civil rights riots of the 60’s were an example of hate and blood, and here we are again. Denying rights and trying to beat the other side into submission.

      • I don’t hate you for standing with the law.

        I think you’re a disgusting human being because you saw literal Nazis murder someone and then actually asked me who the “real” victims were.

        And you can’t even BEGIN to acknowledge your mistake, not the catch 22 you expect from protesters. You aren’t capable of acknowledging that you will never be passed over for a job because of your name, you will never expect to be shot when you get pulled over for a speeding ticket, but you have to gall to compare your wee hurt feelings to the lost lives of others… And then call OTHER people emotional? Pot, meet kettle!

        Get over yourself.

        You are disgusting. You are a gaslighter. And you’re not even capable of making a rational argument or addressing a single thing I’ve said. Otherwise you would be able to realize that you’re just a nazi apologist who isn’t capable of acknowledging your own racial privileges.

        You’re gross. And I’m done here.

  2. morgaineotm says:

    I quote ” There is no right to murder.

    and who were the victims at Charlottesville? Not speaking of the people injured by the madman with the car. “

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