This is not all of my yarn  stash.  There is a nice big box on a shelf, and a large shopping bag for christmas gifts to be started as soon as I finish the sweater I’m working on.  BUT this is the stash that was starting to take over my closet.  it was stored cleanly, and visibly. But it was taking up a lot of room.  Only have about 4” under bed storage, and was fortunate enough to find some under bed storage bags.  Unfortunately, they had cedar bases that took up over 1/2”.  Fortunately, they had cedar bases so don’t have to worry about my wools and since this is yarn, it compresses.  Probably could have fit more if I made “yarn bricks”, which are vacuum packed/sealed bags of yarn.  But this will do.  And having these pictures means I don’t have to pull them out every time I need to look at my stash for a project.

Oh, best?  These under bed cedar storage bags were only $10 each at the thrift!  Saw them over the weekend at $20 each, and when I went back yesterday, they had been reduced to $10!!  WOO HOO!!


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