as mentioned previously, wear a size 11 woman’s shoe (depending on make, sometimes even that’s too small).  Yes, also spend a lot of time in the men’s aisle, but their shoes fit differently.  This week was a good week at the Thrift shop.  Been looking for taller shoes as this is snake country, plus need the ankle support and hiking boots tend to be heavy and hot, hot, hot!!!

shoe deal1$5.99!!  look cool right?  really cheap, manmade materials, but cut for a woman’s foot,  from Target.  Nice thing about them is a side zipper, so get them on, get the laces where you want them, and zip and unzip, on and off.   Nice lugged sole.  at this price if they wear out in a year who cares!!  Yes, they will be hot, so will be for the cooler weather or just when doing something where I need the tall boot and then off they come. 

shoe deal2$9.99!  and these are Sorels!!!  Oh yea.  put the elastic lace on them.  These are canvas with a good Vibram sole.  the Canvas makes them sturdy but cooler than leather.  had to put in an insole as these are men’s shoes.  They have a very stiff heel cup which requires a shoe horn to get them on and off.  Am using a piece of heavy belt leather for that job and it works just fine.

Neither pair of shoes was showing any wear on the soles.  Not sure what was the problem that got the target boots into the thrift.  Would say the difficulty getting them on is what did it for the Sorels.

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