follow ups

After nearly 3 weeks, today took the fermenting lid off the sauerkraut, and it tastes, just like sauerkraut.  so into the fridge it went.

and for lunch, reconstituted one of the “squash leather”.  Tore up it up smaller than in the pic, put it in a pan of water and let it boil away and until the squash was reconstituted and the excess water had boiled off.  Next time I’ll be more careful about measuring before and after so I know how much water to add and not waste a bunch.

Tomorrow I’ll be finishing off the applebutter with prickly pear that’s on the stove.  If you’ve never done applebutter before it’s a long process to boil off the water and leave only the apple and sugars.  It still has some way to go, and then it can get canned.

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