stuff plus

Recently have been busy with STUFF.  Work.  The disastrous summer garden that is now yielding tomatoes and eggplant. Husbands cataract surgeries.  A bout with some bad take out.

And I got my e-Trike.



When the local Pedego store finally got this in, was prepared to not like it because of the funky basket and how low it was.  Quickly understood that unless the bike was REALLY REALLY WIDE, it needed to be low.  We think of trikes as being more stable, and in many ways they are.  But they have their quirks.  If one of the rear wheels falls into a pot hole, low spot, etc., the bike tips to that side and the front wheel wants to go that direction too.

Its also very underpowered, much for the same reason.  That does pose some problems for me as ultimately want to use this for errands which requires going uphill – about 2.5 miles from where I live to the grocery store, all UPHILL.  and at my weight, that is more than the electric motor can handle without A LOT of help.  So have been pedaling around the neighborhood as much as I can, with as little motor assist as I can, to build up the leg muscles.

Just recharged the batteries today, after a bit over 24 miles.  They weren’t completely discharged.  Used my Yeti 1000 to do the charge to see how much it would drain that.

and have added a rear view mirror to get used to before I hit the real road!!

Will try to get a picture of it in use to share.

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