dehydration experiments


on the left is cooked dried brown rice.  Rehydrated one jar tonight for dinner, took awhile, 30-45 minutes.  but was fine. Other jar will be kept in pantry for awhile to see if it goes rancid or anything.

on the right is cooked dried spaghetti squash.  rehydrated well, fast and easy.  have a little in a zip lock baggie set aside to see how well it keeps.

Even if this doesn’t work for long term storage, being able to cook extra and set aside as dried for a week or so is sooooo much better than keeping it in the fridge.  The squash gets moldy and the  rice gets sour, then moldy.  and of course, it all takes up space!  Have frozen the left overs, but then you forget to defrost before the meal you want to make . . .

Dehydration solves a lot of problems for the busy cook!

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