gf non fried chicken

I LOVE fried chicken.  Nice, hot fried, just a little greasy, with the skin left on so each bite is just dripping, moist tender chicken.  But like most of us grownups, don’t eat fried chicken anymore.  Being gluten free is one of the things that stops me, along with the knowledge (chemistry major here) of what happens to oil when heated to such high temps.

Now, lets add to the mix that I’m not a very good cook, nor do I really much care of cooking.  It has become drudgery since I’ve had to cook 3 meals a day for the past 30 years!  And that’s probably why I’m usually looking at tools and gadgets to make it easier.

So back to fried chicken. 

Years ago learned that gluten free pretzels (glutino) make a really good breadcrumbs substitute. But nothing I tried with oven fried chicken was satisfactory.

and then I bought an “air-fryer”.  Stupid name for what is really a small convection oven.  Have wanted one for a long time and had come to the point that it would not happen until my existing oven died – and that might not be for 20 more years as it is only 14 years old.

Since I’ve had this “air-fryer” have made delicious carrot fries – nothing more than roasted carrots in stick form.  done some sweet potato fries which were good, but the Hubs doesn’t like sweet potatoes; am damn glad he likes the carrots.  have done a couple of rounds of burgers, the last ones being pizza burgers.  and have, of course, fried me some potatoes – non fried french fries.  and they were good. 

Have also done non-fried chicken.  First time was with mayonnaise (actually vegennaise, and if you don’t know the product, check it out!!) and my pretzels.  This time it was the old fashioned way with egg, crushed pretzels, some parmesan cheese and pepper.  And it was as tasty as it looks!!!.  My biggest complaint was as it sat on the plate, the underside got soggy.  As it cooled, moisture condensed within and the crust got yuchy!!

fried chicken Looks good, huh?

For those of you who have families of 4 or more, these “air-fryer” gadgets are somewhat limited.  As you can see from the grill pan in the above picture, there is really only room on there for maybe one more piece of chicken.  And this is a single breast cut in half.  Great for the single person or couple, or if you are just interested in doing things like oil less veggie or potato roasting.  

Had never heard of these things before a month or so ago.  Someone on Facebook had mentioned buying one and once the research began, it was like that cartoon lightbulb went on over my head!  Spent more than I really wanted to, and they come without accessories, so the grill pan, a rack, all extra.  As I read reviews my purchase price also went higher and higher.

But if it last the 5 years that many seem to have had them for, it will be okay.

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2 Responses to gf non fried chicken

  1. SaraC says:

    You seem happy with your ‘air fryer.’ I just got one on a whim with a bit of Amazon store credit and I’m not that impressed. Help! Part of the problem is that the booklet it came with is completely wrong as far as suggestions for temp and time. What is your temp and time for something like nice crispy chicken?

  2. morgaineotm says:

    I got the Phillips and it came with a full recipe book. Which I’ve found to be nothing more than a guideline. and pretty much all the cooking comes from using your knowledge of what it takes to cook something time and temperature wise. The Chicken probably was 390F for 10 minutes, flip and another 10 minutes. If it didn’t seem cooked, a little more time. Have found that letting things sit for a little while between flips helps. Some things cook quicker, but most seem to take about the same amount of time as they would in an oven. Just using less energy, and not heating up the kitchen as much. The fan will blow cheese off your cheeseburgers unless you let it sit long enough on a hot burger to begin to melt. There are some things that are mediocre compared to using the grill or a good cast iron pan. Now, have to find a small cast iron pan without the handle so I can duplicate that affect; maybe take one of my 7″ and cutting off the handle????? Good luck with your air fryer

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