work begins

So far its been a mild winter.  Last year let the garden go and tended to little.  This year, hope to keep it up much better.  Started yesterday with cleaning the greenhouse and repotting turmeric and ginger.  Had started two rhizomes each in a pot and they had ultimately all taken off.  The Turmeric is the green leafed plant, the ginger died back (but hopefully didn’t totally die!)

Adding bagged steer manure everywhere this year.  When I finished this, mixed some soil with the manure and planted a couple of potatoes that had started to sprout. 


Today want get some of the manure added to the asparagus.  and want to get some seeds started.  Usually I wait until after the second of February for that but the summers have been so hot that I need to get things out and going much earlier using season extenders for earlier harvests.  Otherwise, I get nothing – like last year!!

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  1. Nice update. A good reminder to start ramping up sowing of cold-stratified seeds here.

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