like to get seeds planted during the waning / dark of moon.  For me, its the underground in the dark thing happening during the dark.  I’m not into planting by zodiac signs, but do pay attention to the moon phases somewhat.  So today was a hustle day to get some seeds in soil as dark of moon is tomorrow and its do it now or 4 weeks from now which will be later than I want to plant.  This is early, but can adjust for that.

So have planted seeds of Spinach, Lettuce, Escarole, Rapini and chard  (and peas along the back) and put them in the new planter along the side of the house.  Covered with the plastic cover (except for the peas) and put in a heating mat.  Will have to take a picture as soon as I can find my phone . . .

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2 Responses to seeds

  1. This is good. I’m with you, on making a good-faith effort to plant by the moon. I’ll be happy starting things in four weeks. Best wishes for your newly-sown seeds.

  2. morgaineotm says:

    and to you . . . have you noticed a change in your weather pattern? not a short term one, but a long term change that is making your farming more challenging than usual? We noticed decades ago a shift to milder falls, now we’re seeing hotter summers. How is it by you?

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