spring planting and water

We’re beginning  drought cycle and while we’re just barely mid-April, we are not expecting any meaningful precip until sometime in July, if we are lucky.

So have cut back on my veggie garden this year.  Actual time to work on it is partially the reason, and water is the rest.  Have only 3000 gallons of water storage, and wasted 350 gallons of that with leaving my smaller tank open one day.  Thoroughly watered some trees, but left nothing for the veggies until our next downpour.

3000 gallons sounds like a lot, but in the dry heat of the southwest, it just enough to water the garden for 30 days in full production.  That’s with the use of Ollas, mulch and shade cloths.

Saturday I prepared one 3.5 x 15′ garden bed.  Lots of organic material, buried 4 ollas, each over a gallon and intended to water an area of 2feet radius around the Olla. Then planted some seedlings.  Filled the Ollas, and drenched the soil.  and by today, Monday, the Ollas were empty.

Today prepped the other matching bed, buried four more ollas and planted some squash.  Also prepared a container for peas with two small ollas.  Filled the Ollas and drenched the soil.

We’re already hitting the 80’s and the shade cloths might have to go up soon.  usually, its mid-may.

Am blessed that I don’t HAVE to have that food, we have an excellent farmer’s market and we make enough income to be able to utilize it.  And we have water available through the taps and I can afford to buy that water as well as chlorine filters to keep it suitable for the garden.

Still, there is a certain satisfaction from knowing my food is LOCAL, as local as it can get when it comes from my back yard.  and I feel that I’m helping the environment when I’m not having to tap the local aquifer.

Hopefully, the smaller garden will be productive and help make up for its lack of size with its quality of produce!

speaking of which: squash and tomatoes are forming in the greenhouse and the first bush beans are coming up in there too.


the amaryllis that I put in there last winter is blooming beautifully again!

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