season change again


After several days of 80+ temps, and nights dropping into the maybe 50’s (fahrenheit), this morning it hit 41F.  It still got up to 85, but since I’d put squash and eggplant and tomatoes in the ground over the weekend, 41F is important.

So checked the weather report and see tonight is to be cooler with each night through the weekend cooler and cooler again, until we get back into the low/mid 20’s!

NOT squash, eggplant, and tomato weather.

april 11-4Fortunately, I have these things.  The round ones are pop ups, the long ones are spring steel frames, with the ends zippered into place. 

The one problem with all these is, its windy!!!!  and even the serious screw down tent pegs don’t stand a chance when the soil is soft and loose ( go ahead, ask me how I know. Bet you can guess, huh? Been there and lost!) .  Hence they are all weighted down.  Hopefully, they will handle the winds.

april 11-1Which is why I planted heavily in the greenhouse already.  Potato plant to the left, turmeric next two in and the last one is a mix of sweet potato and white potato

april 11-2new for this year, bush beans.  that stuff that looks like grass IS; sweetgrass

april 11-3Sweetgrass to the left, two cocozelle squash in the tall black containers, some geraniums, hopefully some ginger in the back, a nice early girl tomato plant and back to the turmerics.

Drought year so am cutting back seriously on my garden this year, going for quality and quantity in certain things over a more general range of plants.  Didn’t even grow garlic this last winter, still have lots from last year!

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