making jerky!

have been making jerky for the dog for years now, both chicken and beef.  The chicken from chicken breast, the beef from both ground beef and from sliced pieces; basically, what ever’s on sale.

This week, decided to try to make jerky for human consumption, and for ease, went with ground sirloin.

Seasoned the meat and using the jerky cannon, made my strips and put them in the dehydrator for 12 hours.  now I’m finishing them in the solar oven and cannot believe the fat that is coming off the strips!  The instruction said to oven dry them for 1.5 hours per side at 200F and that’s how hot the solar oven gets.

They’re pretty tasty.  Will dry them VERY crispy dry, not the chewy dry, as I want to also see how well they keep over the long run when sealed in a vacuum bag.

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