May 5, 2018 update


IMG_1096 Thornless boysenberry, Monrovia.  Will it stay here?  maybe no.  Seem to be doing fruits in the Eastern garden.  Will revisit this soon.

cutting back on my veggies, but also squeezing more in, almost square foot gardening.  first planting got caught in a cold snap and some have been completely lost, and some are maybes.  Bought some other seedlings, and a neighbor gave me some.

IMG_1097starting upper right, an armenian cucumber, two beefsteak tomatoes and in front of them are all romas.  you can tell which are stunted vs the just planted seedling.  the little things sticking out of the ground are Ollas and usually have caps on them.

IMG_1098 some overlap with the picture above un named beefsteak tomatoes in the back, plus a possible recovering beefsteak planted a month or so ago. Romas in the front.  There is also two better boy tomatoes from the neighbor, one upper left, one more center between the ollas.  There is also a recovering Brandywine tomato back there

Have an early girl in the greenhouse which has fruit on it that are starting to ripe.  they are small, but it will be the earliest we have ever had tomatoes.

IMG_1099moving past the tomatoes to eggplant and chards

IMG_1100at the end is this grow bag of snap peas, two small ollas in the bag to keep watering even

IMG_1101outside the fence is White sage, only one plant from last year is coming back and to the right is my comfrey which has been in the same spot, in the same bag for probably close to 10 years now.


IMG_1103eastern bed, you can barely see a little toilet paper roll with a couple of zuchhini seeds starting to bud.  Then some sweet peppers.  This had been about 5 zucchini plants that got nipped badly by the cold.  There are still two plants in the greenhouse and we’ve already harvested on zucchini off them.

IMG_1104middle, sweet peppers and some sort of melon from the neighbor.  that’s all she called it, a melon.  Melons haven’t done well for me in the past, we’ll see how it goes

IMG_1105sweet pepper, and again with the toilet paper roll and spaghetti squash seedlings

IMG_1106 more sweet pepper and one spaghetti squash that is showing maybe a couple of little leaves

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