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Doesn’t seem like 10 days since I updated . . but here we are.  Dipped below 40F one morning, but that didn’t stop me from harvesting a zucchini in the greenhouse.  Picked another one last night.  and the tomatoes are ripening nicely in there.

Saw a little bit of green coming up from the ginger, but it has disappeared again.  maybe the lizards got it.

The 650 gallon horizontal leg tank is buckling as the land it is sitting on is shifting, so we have to get that empty quickly.

Just ordered another (another?!?!?!) Goal zero power supply.  This is a 400W small unit as I want a portable unit.  Really wanted the lithium battery one, but they didn’t have that as an “open box” unit.  The 1000 and the 1250 units require carts and help due to their weight, but at some point, they will be taking over some of the house load.

And as I move towards more self-reliance, DH bought a Traeger pellet smoker!!!  Runs on electric of course, and special very expensive pellets.  Easier to use for making lunch during work hours than the charcoal smoker, but don’t think its really necessary.  and smoked meat every day loses its “specialness” quite quickly!

Onions are coming in nicely.  Chard is doing well.  Green beans in the greenhouse are putting out beans, but the plants don’t look healthy.  The Stevia, in the bag where the potatoes failed, seems to be doing fine.  The last planting of beans isn’t showing any signs of sprouting yet.  Could be they were too old.  Could be that the evenings are too cool.  We’re still dipping down into the 40’s at night, days are about 45 degrees warmer!  A testament to how dry it is.

The fellow down the road who had a Langstroth hive seems to have lost his bees too. the hive has been moved.  Do see bees around, no idea where they are coming from, although I know there is a very active and healthy top bar hive a little over a mile away.

See at least one tomato forming on the outdoor plants and some peppers that had started on the seedlings are progressing.  The squash seeds I planted directly in the garden after losing the seedlings are coming up nicely. Peas are doing great!

Pretty amazing at what and how much things grow in such a short time this time of year!

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