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Tuesday June 6, 2018

IMG_1142In the greenhouse: stevia closest, empty is tumeric tuber waiting I hope, then potatoes both white and sweet. Something has been eating the sweet potato leaves as fast as they grow!

IMG_1143This shows the tomato plant at the end of that row. Early Girl and we’ve already eaten several off this plant with more coming in. Notice the draperies helping keep the temperatures moderated.  That is an Amaryllis up on the table.  Bloomed beautifully a month or so ago.

IMG_1144geraniums on the table and under, as well as two pots with ginger tubers and what ever is munching, keeps clipping the tops off the ginger as soon as it shows. in front of that are two zucchini plants.  the foremost has given us some nice fruit but is now being eaten also.  down low on the left is a pot of sweetgrass. keeps the greenhouse smelling heavenly.  in the white pot is an almond seedling. it was lower and what ever is eating clipped the top right off it!  below that, out of sight, is an agave that I found uprooted on the street. the Javelina pulled it out of somewhere and munched on it heavily. the roots were dried out.  Have potted it up and we’ll see!!  not showing the green beans as they’ve been heavily munched also.  so much for that experiment.

IMG_1145out into the garden, this is a boysenberry plant which may, or may not, get moved to what is becoming the fruit area.

IMG_1146down the row in the main garden, closest is an armenian cucumber doing nicely, an assortment of different tomatoes, eggplants and last is chard.  all seemingly doing well.

IMG_1147end of the row is this pot of peas.  the other side of the fence is up for later

IMG_1148East side of the main garden, not doing half as grand as the west. Pepper plants to the front, spaghetti squash, some kind of melon someone gave me, a couple more peppers and then some zucchini

IMG_1149This is what is fast becoming the fruit area. starting to the right and going counter clockwise; onion bulbules right in the front center ish,  moving to the right are two rhubarb, a grape, a blueberry that is just barely hanging in, another grape, a nectarine bush, blackberry, fig (see two fruit starting on that).  This is the area I might bring the boysenberry into.

IMG_1150on the other side of the fence by the main garden is this potato plant.  I have to keep these covered usually so they don’t get eaten.

IMG_1151closest to the camera is the single white sage plant that overwintered and beyond that is my comfrey in probably its tenth year.

IMG_1152along the side of the house in the new raised planter some bush beans.  If you look closely you will see some of these got sunburned while we were away this past weekend. the mesh around the growing area is to try to dissuade little munching critters.

IMG_1153So the shade cover is up.  last year the munchers got under this, hence the mesh around the bottom and lower front.  Planted Royal Burgandy bush beans in the far portion of the planter this morning.

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