While not suitable for everything and all occasions, this is my alternate ride.  After a rocky start due to a bad controller and a bad throttle, it now takes me where I need to go.

monday3Compared to two wheeled e-bikes and some other designs, it is woefully underpowered.   20” wheels only.  As I have hit over 20mph on this thing, can assure you that it is not quite the exhilarating ride you might think you get with speed.  Trikes can be very unstable, and being unstable at speed is not comfortable.  Plus, I’m a little taller than the average bear.  Sure wouldn’t want to try this if I were any taller than I am.

But it gets me to the Farmer’s market and have done some touristy exploring on it.  Can recharge it from a 120v line –whether house electric, or off my Goal zero!

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