late august garden

After too hot and too dry, we’ve had a decent monsoon season.  For many reasons didn’t really plant a major garden this year, but have had a little fun, despite every single green bean plant being mowed down by hungry critters

garden1 have eaten two delicious figs off this plant and there are actually 4 left, although only 2 are really visible in this picture.  They stayed small until I’d picked the others and they are now getting larger.

garden2Guess this is my first pomegranate!  Noticed it a couple of weeks ago and it was really teensy.  Now its big enough to take a picture of!  How much larger can it get?  Thought there would be flowers like with most other fruiting plants. but like Figs, they just seem to grow!

On another note, earlier I had noted that the potatoes planted in the greenhouse all turned yellow and died back.  Didn’t know if this was something in the soil or what, so planted a Stevia plant in that grow bag.  That did relatively well, enough that I cut it back, drying the leaves for future use.  The plant was slow to grow back.  Meanwhile, as the weather cooled, the potatoes have sprouted again!  Considering how far up they had to push (over 10” of soil), they are determined and strong!

Unfortunately, we’re going to be away for a week next month so am not starting a fall garden.  a little bummed by that, but what can you do?

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