getting ready

its been a strange and busy year. 

A new shed in the eastern garden to house one of the Yeti power supply units I use for the pump that is used to water that area from the water tank.  plus all the various misc tools that are used there – rather than move everything back and forth. and the solar panels to charge the Yeti.

Overall, garden activity was minimal as work was very busy, plus energy levels were low. and what was planted did not do particularly well. maybe as much due to in attention as weather conditions

Have decided to get back to things like making my own skin lotions, candles for the flower pot heaters in the greenhouse, etc.   Am also planning on making some scented candles for holiday gifting the neighbors.  A candle, some home made chocolate, chicken jerky for the dogs, home made pickled onions, a home made string  shopping bag, and a couple of bottles of wine for the immediate neighbors on either side of us.  Overall, a nice selection of “stuff”.

The candles will be “chai spice”, beeswax with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg in old tuna cans.

Started the process by just getting familiar with the techniques of candle making again, along with the new (to me) wick supports that came with the wicks I bought.  These are soy candles, plain.  it seems 4 cups of soy flakes = 1.5 cups of melted wax, which = 2 tuna tins.  So then melted another 2 cups of soy flakes to make the third candle.


beeswax is supposedly a two for one, volume to melt.  So with each tin needing just shy of a cup of wax, will need 6 cups of beeswax to make 3 scented candles.  Then will make pretty labels for the cans.

there isn’t anything to can this fall, or dehydrate.  Before we went away made some “everything stew”; using up leftovers and the fresh veggies. some got canned and some got dehydrated. 

Also had made the pickled onions.  Used some of those in our salad the other day, but wasn’t too impressed.

So this winter the emphasis will be on my minor health issues; losing some weight for more energy and to ease the discomfort of the arthritis, getting stronger, keeping my skin in good condition as I’m getting to that age where it will begin to “thin” and I want to delay that as long as possible.

Am supposed to be considering cataract surgery, but the idea of having someone poke around my eyeball is just terrifying. but guess there is a limit to how long I can put that off if I want to keep going for another 20 or so years.

there is a whole bunch of stuff I could whine about, but what’s the point. Can only work at making changes where I can, and adapting where I can’t.

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