I’m back!

The last couple of years have been tough in the garden for several reasons.  Our business has been good and we’ve been super busy so not enough attention combined with weird weather.  But that lack of attention is a big part of it all!

So this year have cut back on what I’m trying to do and limiting my veggie gardening to my main garden area, my greenhouse and the new raised bed near the kitchen.  Adding more flowers and moving all the fruits to the eastern garden area.

IMG_1393 (599x800)Last year had started potatoes in this grow bag early and then they succumbed to some weird wilt.  later in the year put in some stevia which did well.  Stevia was first back and then potatoes came back with a vengence!

IMG_1394 (800x600)a few years ago tried blueberries, and failed.  So picked up 3 different varieties this year (4 each) which are way more than I need, so will split with a friend all that survive.  these are much lower chill hours than the last variety I tried, and am paying much more attention to the pH of the soil.  When these came in, in super tiny starter cells, was much too sick to transplant them.  so am now working them through the summer for eventual fall planting in the east garden area.

Notice bag of gypsum – acidify the soil, as well as add calcium.  Blossom end rot has been a problem in my tomatoes and zucchini in the past.

IMG_1395 (600x800)almond tree to be.  Second year I’ve had it and will move it into a larger grow bag so when we plant it in the front garden – probably in the fall – it will be a good size to withstand the rigors of being outdoors.

IMG_1396 (800x600)two tomatoes and some bush beans in the greenhouse.  Tomatoes are settling in well, and the green beans were disappointing in terms of low germination.

BTW, these are self watering containers.  Top watering necessary until the roots get established, but hopeful this well help even out growth patterns for these plants

IMG_1397 (800x482)This pot had zucchini seeds planted directly.  again poor germination – only the one – which is doing well

IMG_1398 (800x600) some early lettuces

IMG_1399 (800x600)main garden bed, 8 roma tomato plants.  Keep hearing one should get 10lbs of tomatoes from a plant and have never come close to that. so keeping these 8 plants well spread out, well fed, and working in gypsum.   Marigolds to the back and basil to the front.

These take up about 2/3’s of the bed with Hollyhock along the back edge of the rest and leaving a space for green beans.

IMG_1400 (800x599)This bag of potatoes was out side last year but the greens kept getting eaten – hence the screening.  Like the greenhouse plantings, come back strong.

IMG_1401 (798x800)peas with Olla.  again, disappointing germination. and we’ve been unseasonably warm temps.  But we’re expecting an unusual wet 3 days which will even us out for pea weather.

IMG_1402 (742x800)Moved the Comfrey into a new container this year as the old one was literally coming apart.  after 10 years, not surprising.

The other bed in the main garden has Ollas and some seedlings (cantaloupe and zucchini). teeny things yet.

IMG_1403 (800x600)Trying strawberries again in a large grow bag with much less sun than last time.  the last pot was shallower and got a lot of sun on the west side of the house.  Olla in the center.

IMG_1404 (800x600)Last year had planted a boysenberry near the main garden and it did okay.  Then decided to make this east garden the fruit area and transplanted it and did a TERRIBLE job, tearing up the roots something awful.  Fortunately, its starting to come back

IMG_1405 (800x600)Rhubarb plant still hanging in there.

IMG_1406 (800x600)Last year planted a couple of grapes, red eating grapes and just moved the fig into a grow bag between them.  The fig had been in a hard plastic pot that limited it. The grow bag is a bit bigger, but also lets roots grow through it and into the soil itself.

IMG_1407 (600x800)The nectarine tree is growing well and looking good, but is not giving any fruit.  maybe not acidic enough soil, or it may be focusing on growing rather than fruiting.  next year will be its last chance or it will be gone.

IMG_1408 (600x800)planted this blackberry last year and it didn’t even flower.  with moving the fig, was able to pull it out into a more open area, and we’ll see how it does here

IMG_1409 (800x600)Am planning on using this big 4×4 grow bed for blueberries, but since that’s in the fall and this is now, planted cantaloupe in it.  fencing it off to protect from the little things that like to eat young green shoots. Olla in the center of the bed.

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