Olla adaptation

Before we moved here to the desert SW some 20+ years ago, had read how the Hopi indians used Ollas and was struck by the genius of the idea.

It is only in recent years that Ollas have become a “thing” and are available commercially at reasonable prices – even if they are made in China Sad smile

When I was doing pottery, whish I had thought of making these, but was living without a garden in those days and didn’t even think about such things.  double Sad smile

So last year found these in our local garden store/hardware store and found them to be absolutely WONDERFUL in the garden.  pulled the roots downwards and helped make for strong plants, but once the plants got to be a foot tall, it was hard to get down to the opening to fill them.  So came up with a way to extend them in height.

IMG_1371This adaptation does have a draw back, when using a hose to fill them, they “burp” and water splashes out, so you have to fill them by hand using a container with a light stream or move the hose aside and come back, or let a lot of water splash around the outside.  The latter is okay except when dealing with small seedlings.

So we’ll see how they help out the garden this year.

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