june garden update


IMG_1462greenhouse exploding: squash wi/buds, green beans flowering, tomatoes with loads of green fruit. hopefully all coming to Fruit-ion soon!

IMG_1463couple of geraniums, there were lots of them last year, these are the only two survivors and two Amaryllis, plus a couple of blueberries

IMG_1464blueberries, and if you look closely you will see some turmeric coming up in a pot next shelf down

IMG_1465what’s left of the lettuce and spinach seeds that finally started doing their thing.

IMG_1466potato and stevia seem to be doing well together


IMG_1468Romas are setting fruit and starting to really show signs of growth after a cold wet month

IMG_1469Closest to the camera are 4 San marzano roma tomato plants these are an indeterminate heirloom tomato plant and so far the seedlings seem to be adjusting well and starting to take off even through the seedlings were planted only a week ago!

IMG_1470potato volunteers outside

IMG_1471peas coming in nicely. Next to it is a bag of walking onion starts.

IMG_1472big leafs at the top of the picture is the comfrey

IMG_1473squash is struggling

IMG_1474pomegranate tree.  had a couple of flowers and a teeny fruit last year.  starting to define itself and will prune it this winter accordingly.

IMG_1475thought this fig had died, but obviously not

IMG_1476strawberries doing well.  can’t see that at least two are turning red and I’ve already eaten one.  Seem to like this location with its filtered sunshine.

IMG_1477Boysenberry coming back

IMG_1478old rhubarb looks like its dying off, but new plant coming up



IMG_1481another grape

IMG_1482nectarine tree.  maybe it needs better pruning as well as more acid??

IMG_1483blackberries are blooming

IMG_1484started out with 8 cantaloupes. 4 in the main garden, 4 here.  these are the only two left.


IMG_1487solar chargers.  Like the new batch of folding panels as it is easier to move them around and put them at the angles they need.  At this time of year the sun is very high.  the one laying on the ground is charging a Goal Zero Yeti 400 hiding in the shade of the recliner.  It’s a 60W panel.  On the recliner is a 100W panel charging my Yeti 1000 lithium

IMG_1489which sits next to the 1000 gallon water tank to power the pump that lets me use this water uphill in the garden and greenhouse.

IMG_1486There’s another Yeti, another tank, another pump, and here’s another panel charging that Yeti.  In this case, the Yeti is a heavy unit that lives in an insulated box in a small shed. The pump lives near the tank and this panel is in the opposite direction ready to get the sun as soon as its up.

IMG_1490avocado starting to sprout.  Hoping to get this eventually into the front garden area.  May never get fruit from it, but should make a nice decorative tree for the front yard.

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