onions and strawberries

The last of the onions – only grow the “walking” onions as have little room.  Keep enough of them going that if I ever need to share or expand, have some.  But it requires a fair amount of room to grow enough onions for the household for a year and even just to grow a few ties up a planting bed well into the warm months.

IMG_1506 And the first of the strawberries. now I know why people like to grow them in hanging baskets, once that fruit rests on the ground it is fair game for all the teeny insects of the soil. Everyone loves strawberries

IMG_1509 Still rocking the Casbah look for the greenhouse.  This drape arrangement does help modify temps; smaller swings in the winter as well as the summer.  You can even stand to go in there in the middle of the summer. Without it, it would be too hot for anything to grow.

IMG_1510squash.  middle is some zucchini just planted last week.  six plants, don’t expect they will all make it.  Don’t ever say two is enough.  Last year had a plant that gave ZERO fruit. Nada. nothing!  near to the camera are 5 winter squash seedlings – Delicata.  Direct seed planting

IMG_1511 Tomatoes doing fine.  Before I cover them all with the shade cloth again.  When my husband layed out these beds he said, You can just step over them to take care of the plants and pick.  it never occurred to him that it will be damn difficult to straddle a 2.5’ bed with 6 foot tall tomato plants growing in it!  So now am dong flowers in the back and keeping the veggies to the front

IMG_1512a bag of potatoes, next to that is a bag just planted with potatoes, then there are peas, my walking onions, also in a grow bag and last is the comfrey.  had to finally put up a small shade cloth protection from the late afternoon sun.


IMG_1514 the strawberries

IMG_1515 boyesberry still coming back

IMG_1516 Rhubarb doing really good

IMG_1517 two grapes with a fig between them

IMG_1518black berries developingIMG_1519

IMG_1520 cantaloupes are doing fine now they have some shade

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