more cooking with the sun


IMG_1529 Since I didn’t have a nesting pot, made one with aluminum foil.  Brown basmati Rice at the bottom. Followed directions for proportions and added 1/4C of water more.  The other is two chicken thighs.  Put a little aluminum foil around the edge of the cooker after putting the lid on to keep moisture condensation to a minimum.  2 hours in the sun – quite windy today.  Rice was perfectly cooked.  Chicken was tender, moist, and falling apart good

Then put some other chicken thighs into seasoned water and back into the solar oven to begin making soup.  Kept the oven from being turned dead into the sun to keep the temperature down to about 150F for simmering.  2 hours.  Will skim the stock, cut up the chicken and add veggies and what ever else I want to add, and back into the oven it will go to finish up.

When the soup base came out of the oven, put in a couple of slices of quiche to heat for dinner.  its been nearly 2 hours, so they are probably more than adequately hot . . . . warm, not hot.  Had left the lid unlatched so never got HOT in there. but good temperature for eating

BTW – when working with a solar oven:   (1) always wear sunglasses (2) good protective gloves are a must (I’m using my leather winter gloves) because all parts of the oven are HOT and (3) long sleeves because even the edges of the reflector panels are HOT

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