and summer begins


IMG_1530My favorite lillies.  The color fades fast in the harsh AZ sun

IMG_1532new planting of bush beans

IMG_1533have been eating string beans from the greenhouse already, while the peas in the garden are just starting to bloom and set

IMG_1534These potatoes are from supermarket, commercial red potatoes.  do better with them than I do with official “seed” potatoes.  Of course, I’ve used only those that have started to sprout in the bag.  This is my third grow bag of potatoes


IMG_1536volunteer.  Its been years since I’ve had this hollyhock anywhere near the garden.  Will absolutely be saving seeds. Hollyhocks are among my favorites

IMG_1537more roma tomato plants

IMG_1538you have to look carefully to see the pipe that is the attachment to the olla.  And this is why I’ve got them, so I can easily refill and keep these plants strong

IMG_1539gophers have gotten into this section of garden.  It was supposedly sealed, but they found a weak spot and have tunneled all round in here.


IMG_1541This is a relative of Oregon Grape and supposedly the fruits can be made into a jelly.  They are tasty, very small with a BIG (relatively) seed.

IMG_1542 strawberries.  as they rest on the ground though, little insects get the first bites!  next year they go UP into the air somehow.

IMG_1543Boysenberry coming back strong.  You can barely see the rhubarb, best year yet for it!

IMG_1545the fig and both grapes.  The grapes keep reaching over to the wooden fence supports and dying on contact. stuff must have been treated. its my neighbors fence so all I can do is work to train them up.  There is, so far as I can see, one single fig developing on the tree

IMG_1546blackberries are looking good, but soon am going to have to cover that fruit if I want any

IMG_1547of the four cantaloupe planted, these are the only two that survived and one obviously doing better than the other.  Proof that within nature, nothing is equal.

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