where have the insects gone?

Don’t know about anyone else, but suddenly we have no insects – AND – no birds.

Not that both have totally disappeared, but say a good 90-95% of them have!  had sort of noticed that there were fewer insects around the garden plants, and then realized the neighborhood mulberry tree still had plenty of fruit on it.  In other years, it would have been picked clean by the birds within a few weeks of the fruit first starting to ripen.

My tomato plants are standing with loads of flowers, but no fruit is setting – both inside the green house and out!

Without insects, of course the birds would move on.  We have a large variety of birds here and the mulberry trees bring in the cardinals, the orioles.  This year have seen no orioles, few quail – although we have noticed their numbers are seriously declining here – few doves and usually hear lots of them starting to wake up as I walk the dog in the mornings – coo cooing everywhere.

Bats too have been declining.

But right now, this is downright scary.  We live near national forest.  So while I know the city uses chemical sprays on the weeds in the right of way, we are outside of that.  But here we are.

actually, thinking about it, am seeing less spiders and haven’t even seen a live snake this season. Just some dead ones in the early spring before it got warm.  They tend to go lie on the road for the heat which is not a good place to be . . . .

Anyone else have anything like this happening?

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