garden woes


IMG_1592 (1024x705)This is my harvest this month so far.  That’s right, not today, but for the month – and actually for the last two months!  Serious lack of pollinators.  This is from EIGHT zucchini plants, 8 tomato plants, and an entire envelope of bush beans – a picture of the plants themselves below

IMG_1593 (768x1024)Two of the tomato plants gave me these teeny 1” tomatoes rather than full size.  Not the garden’s fault, genetics at play.  Still a disappointment

IMG_1594 (768x1024)This is happening with the indeterminate San Marzanos. 

IMG_1595 (768x1024)This is a different plant, same species, same results.  Blossom end opens and tomato just withers away.  Not a bug, or it would be happening to all the others which are right next to them.  Any ideas?

IMG_1596 (768x1024)This is the bush bean patch.  usually would get enough from a planting like this for several meals plus!  Not this year

IMG_1597 (1024x768)On the other hand,These are potatoes grown from store bought, commercial red potatoes!  Yup, they start to sprout in the pantry, so into the dirt they go.

IMG_1598 (768x1024) Hoping by next fall this avocado will be ready to go into the front yard along with an almond tree I’m nursing along from seed.

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