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DUH moment

Yesterday had a DUH moment; and its not the first time for this one.  But, it gets forgotten as ego overrides common sense. Regarding my medicinal herb garden: Since I believe in using what grows in your area gives added … Continue reading

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garden hustle plus

Suddenly we’re having 40+ degree nights – even though our last official frost date is May 19 – and daytime temps are pushing 80! Its chili making time, cooking beans in the solar oven to free up the kitchen stove.  … Continue reading

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stocking up

This is a Rodale book from 1977 that was found for $2 in the thrift today.  Lots of good recipes, which never go out of style.  The opening talked about where and how to get some of the specialty canning … Continue reading

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2017 gardening season begins

  got these cool cloches at Gardeners Supply.  Much more convenient than row covers.  Don’t know how cold they protect to, we’ve barely gotten into the 20’s this winter.  On the left, it is covering some chard plants that are … Continue reading

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Garlic planted

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keeping track

4 of the 7  zucchini seeds planted have come up.  Nothing showing yet on the bush beans or the carrots (did mention I’d planted carrots where the peas had been? and when I harvest the peas all the ripe pods that … Continue reading

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  spinach, chard, and zucchini onions on the left, garlic on the right and shallots in the middle.  For some reason, the shallots came in looking more like the walking onions in shape; that is, like oversize scallions.  Since they … Continue reading

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