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as mentioned previously, wear a size 11 woman’s shoe (depending on make, sometimes even that’s too small).  Yes, also spend a lot of time in the men’s aisle, but their shoes fit differently.  This week was a good week at … Continue reading

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squash leather

  roasted 3 good sized butternut squash in the solar oven, removed the guts, mashed, and spread out on sheets to dry.  They came out a little dryer than a fruit leather, but not so dry that they could be … Continue reading

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hungry critters and

    One the left is a picture of what were 12 broccoli seedlings last night.  Just so you can get an idea of how low to the ground and how easy it was for something to get in there … Continue reading

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yesterday was a Costco shopping day.  Spent some time in their cereal aisle looking at their Granolas.  Am back to needing some good gluten free whole grains in my diet as have been neglecting that lately.  Regular cereal doesn’t cut … Continue reading

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sauerkraut, I hope

Made one batch of sauerkraut awhile back and it came out great.  FINALLY got around to making another and it instantly went moldy and a weird color.  Thought it might have been because I used fresh (farmer’s market) cabbage, and … Continue reading

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fall planting

unfortunately, the sun was just starting to come around to this side of the house, and this was the only place I could stand and get the entire  planter.  Started too late, so bought broccoli and chard seedlings, then planted … Continue reading

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This is not all of my yarn  stash.  There is a nice big box on a shelf, and a large shopping bag for christmas gifts to be started as soon as I finish the sweater I’m working on.  BUT this … Continue reading

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