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time flies!

Doesn’t it though, even if you are not having a lot of fun!! First, garden is okay.  strange, but okay.  Growing the Armenian Cucumbers for the first time.  Chard is doing well.  Eggplant, eh!  tomatoes, well, they are there, but … Continue reading

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more soup and tattler lids

  Canned the rest of the ham and bean soup last night, with additional experimentation Left rear, single use lid, reused.  This had been a light seal that I was able to open with my thumbs resulting in no deforming … Continue reading

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pepper sandwich

While we were on vacation, spent three days in a “cabin” with kitchen and other luxuries so we could have our own meals while doing Yellowstone.  Early morning breakfast for me was cottage cheese and my breakfast jerky (see earlier … Continue reading

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canning bacon

For most, why do I need to can bacon, is the question.  Sometimes, its nice to test skills.  Sometimes, we live without electricity; be it camping, extended power outage, or a SHTF situation when there won’t be a refrigerator or … Continue reading

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kale chips

Everybody’s making them, why not me?   Two of my over wintered kale plants began to bolt as soon as they began to grow!?!?!  So cut them down and tried some kale chips.  A little garlic oil, some low sodium soy … Continue reading

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Went to a workshop yesterday about cooking with local (wild harvested and local grown) foods.  While not exactly within the definition of the workshop, the hostess was an ayeverdic cook, so she used Ghee.  When asked, she said it was … Continue reading

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potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplant

A potato plant volunteer came up in one of the grow bags. Other than knowing they would be white potatoes (white flowers), had no idea what type these are.  Last year’s potatoes got inundated with dirt termites. they missed these, … Continue reading

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