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where have the insects gone?

Don’t know about anyone else, but suddenly we have no insects – AND – no birds. Not that both have totally disappeared, but say a good 90-95% of them have!  had sort of noticed that there were fewer insects around … Continue reading

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started reading about this technique before we ever moved to Sedona 20 years ago, but we had no garden and wasn’t up and into grow bags and container gardening in our first house.  That was all about establishing our business … Continue reading

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bee story

This is an anecdotal story from a friend and local bee keeper Hi all local bee-keepers.I had a not so nice (but very interesting) experience with my bees this morning — right after Smart meters were put in in ever … Continue reading

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kale chips

Everybody’s making them, why not me?   Two of my over wintered kale plants began to bolt as soon as they began to grow!?!?!  So cut them down and tried some kale chips.  A little garlic oil, some low sodium soy … Continue reading

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zucchini success!!

scenes from the Zucchini corral.  There are a total of 6 large pots, some with 2 plants per.  As you can see, more ready to eat, or freeze!  Soon I’ll even be able to give some away. These are a … Continue reading

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a short scarf for a short season

Our niece sent me 2, 50 gram,  skeins of a bulky super wash wool for Christmas Very pretty, what to do.  We have a short winter season that is milder than much of the country, but colder than one might … Continue reading

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still canning

Since the canner’s out, figured I’d keep going.  Had a good ham bone with meat, and made stock; 16 cups. added the chopped ham, and 2 lbs of dried peas.  Equal 10 cups of pea soup!!!  Next will be using … Continue reading

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Allergic to my garden

This morning did what I’ve done just about every morning for the last 3 years, went out and checked out my garden and greenhouse.  Some weeding, some picking, some spraying of  a light mixture of basil soap and water for … Continue reading

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Haws watercan

My new Haws water can is on the right, compared to my old 2 gallon can on the left.  When I first saw the soft water flow from the Haws’ rose, knew I had to get one.  The water flow … Continue reading

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cooking water reminder

Just read from one of my favorite blogs; about using cooking and rinsing water for the plants.  For those of us of a certain age, it was always use the cooking water for stock. But where do we store … Continue reading

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